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List of Repeaters for the C4FM Net: 
1) Metro: 146.620 -600 KHz offset
2) Marana: 447.525 -5 MHz offset
3) Calle: 445.800 -5 MHz offset
4) Foothills: 445.1375 -5 MHz offset
5) Camino: 440.7625 +5 MHz offset
6) Tucson Mtn: 444.750 +5 MHz offset
7) Saddlebrooke: 445.5375 -5 MHz offset
If a Personal Hotspot is used, set the “Room” to:
US-Oro-Valley-AZ YSF74158, or US-AZ-Tucson YSF36252
OVARC Digital Repeater System


OVARC operates the following DIGITAL repeaters


445.800 (-5.00Mhz)  W7AI   B

Located near Naranja and La Canada Drive in Oro Valley, AZ

Repeater: ICOM ID-RP4000V D-STAR

Antenna: Decibel 8 Bay Folded Dipole

Power Output: 20 watts

Controller: ICOM ID-RP2C

445.1375 (-5.00Mhz)  KG7PJV   B

Located on the north side of Tucson in the Foothills

Repeater: Homebrew with ICOM IC-207 receiver, ICOM IC-208H transmitter. 

Antenna: 5db Gain

Power Output: 15 watts

Controller: Raspberry Pi & DVRPTR_v1 NA running G4LXK ircDDBGateway and DStarRepeater on Pidora Linux.


440.7625 (+5.00Mhz)  KG7RWN   B

Located Near Camino Seco and 22nd St

Repeater: Yaesu FT-7100 receiver Yaesu FT-7800 transmitter

Antenna: Decibel 8 Bay UHF vertical, 9db gain on a 90 foot tower, about 3000 ft above sea level

Power Output: 3 watts into a UHF Amplifier for 35 watts into the antenna

Controller: Raspberry Pi 2 and DVRPTR_v1 running G4KLX ircDDBGateway and DStarRepeater software


444.750 +5.00Mhz W7NFL B

Repeater: Yaesu C4FM

Antenna:  Diamond

Power Output: 15W

Controller:  Raspberry PI

445.7375 -5.00Mhz W7NFL C

Located in Saddlebrooke, AZ near the Mountain View Clubhouse

Repeater: Yaesu FT-7900R

Antenna: Ringo

Power output: 10W

Controller: Raspberry Pi

444.750 +5.00Mhz W7NFL B

Repeater: Yeasu C4FM

Antenna:  Diamond

Power Output: 15W

Controller:  Raspberry Pi

OVARC Repeater System Spreadsheet
For a complete listing of OVARC Repeaters: Click HERE
OVARC Repeater System Map
For an OVARC Repeater System Map: Click HERE
OVARC Digital Modes and Raspberry Pi HotSpots

For more information please view the PowerPoint presentation

"Digital Modes with Raspberry Pi" by clicking HERE


For info on Repeater Best Practices: Click HERE
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