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OVARC HF Radio Loaner Program


Want to try HF but don't have a radio? The Oro Valley ARC has a program to allow you to borrow an HF radio. An extension of the mentor program, the HF Radio Loaner Program is designed to help those who are new to HF by providing radios and antennas to get you on the air!

How Does The Program Work?

HF radios are loaned to members for a limited time -- up to 90 days -- just like checking a book out of the library. The radios are fully functional and support voice, digital and CW. Furthermore, help will be provided with antenna assembly and installation. Antennas will generally be of the wire type so that they can be concealed in an antenna-restricted neighborhood.

What Does The Program Cost?

The program fee is $20 per loan period. In addition, participants will be encouraged to build their own antennas under the guidance of a mentor. Antenna designs will be simple and the parts are expected to cost between $20 and $40. Completed antennas become the property of the participant.

How Do I Participate In The Program?

Download the Application HERE, fill it out, and e-Mail to: radioloan@tucsonhamradio.org. One of the club's mentors will contact you to discuss the antenna options for your situation and to arrange the next steps.


There are several radios available for this program but if demand outstrips supply, preference will be given to those who have the least experience with HF. That being said, if equipment is available, members are welcome to participate in the program more than once.

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