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Mobile vs HTs vs Base Stations


There are several models of both Mobile and HT rigs available with System Fusion. The two most popular are the FTM-400 (mobile) and the FT-3D (HT).

Other models include the FTM-7250 (mobile), and the FT-70DM (HT). All of these radios are affordable at less than $400 for the FTM-400 and the FT-3, and even less for the FT-70 and the FTM-7250.

Base stations generally cost more, like the excellent all-band FT-991A, at around $1,000. A few club members have the FT-991A, but this SIG will mostly focus on the more affordable rigs for now.

Fusion Radios


This SIG is for anything related to using a Yaesu System Fusion Radio.

Since OVARC is increasing its support of System Fusion, including the transition of the weekly Sunday OVARC Net to YSF on July 1, 2020, this site will reflect those changes as well.

For more information about System Fusion, please click on the link below:


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