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January 15, 2021 is the date for The Oro Valley Amateur Radio Club’s Annual Meeting. As customary, elections for the Board of Directors will be held during this meeting.


There are five Directors whose terms will expire this year. Those directors are Gary - AE7GP, Marnee - KG7SIO, Mike - K7VTT, Tom - W7TRA, and Steve - W1SR. Currently, only Marnee - KG7SIO would like to run for another 2-Year Term. Gary - AE7GP, Mike - K7VTT, Tom - W7TRA, and Steve - W1SR will let their terms expire and will not be seeking another term.


Those Directors elected at the Annual Meeting will serve along side the following Directors who have terms that expire at the end of next year, 2021. Those Directors are Fred - W2HZ, Hal - N7BAZ, Logan - KE7AZ and Hanna - KG7TPD.


To summarize, there will be 5 Directors seats available for nominations at this election. To date, John - N7GHZ and Andreas - W1IXQ have self-nominated to run in the January election. There are still open seats and certainly a need for more club members to run for the board. You can self-nominate or nominate another club member for the board. So, if you are interested in becoming a director for OVARC, please let me know so that I can provide you with an information sheet to help you with your decision.

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