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January 15th, 2021 was the date for the club's annual meeting. Elections for the board of directors would have normally been held at this meeting. However, due to the pandemic, voting was conducted online this year. using "OpaVote".
There were 5 directors whose terms expired on January 15, 2021.
They were:
- Gary, AE7GP
- Marnee, KG7SIO
- Mike, K7VTT
- Tom, W7TRA
- Steve, W1SR
There are 4 directors whose terms continue until January 21, 2022.
They are:
- David, AK2L
- Logan, KE7AZ
- Hanna, KG7TPD
- Fred, W2HZ
Due to past difficulties in filling 9 board positions, the board voted to reduce the number of board seats to 5, in accordance with the by-laws. This change took effect with the election cycle on January 15th.
Therefore, 1 board position was open at the election.
There were 3 candidates for the 1 open board position. They were:
- John, N7GHZ
- Andreas, W1IXQ
- Steve, W1SR
Congratulations to Steve, W1SR, for winning the election!
As mentioned above, voting for the Board of Directors was conducted online via "OpaVote".
The election was closed at the end of business at the January 15th meeting, and the results were announced at that time.
Click on the link below to view details of the the election results:
OpaVote Election Results:


OVARC 2021 Board of Directors Election Details


There were 3 candidates competing for 1 seat.

The number of voters was 73.

There were 73 valid votes and 0 empty votes.


Candidate                            Count


Andreas Proroczok, W1IXQ        14

John Payton, N7GHZ                  15

Steve Wood, W1SR                     44

Exhausted                                    0


The winner was Steve Wood, W1SR.

Note that all e-mail voters received a link to the results page on OpaVote.


David, AK2L

OVARC Vice President

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