OVARC Repeater License/Trustee Info

Unlike our personal Amateur Radio licenses, the FCC requires that Repeater licenses have a trustee to take responsibility for its operation. 
Gary, KT7AZ has been the OVARC trustee of the W7AI repeaters for many years. He is stepping down from this responsibility on October 18, 2020. 
In order to keep the W7AI repeaters on the air, another OVARC member must volunteer to take on the responsibility. There are a few limitations that you can easily read about on the web. The most significant restriction is that a trustee cannot be a trustee of more than one call sign. You may be eligible. 
Obviously if the W7AI repeaters do not have a trustee as of October 18, 2020, OVARC is obligated to shut the repeaters off until there is a trustee. 
If you’re interested in being the W7AI trustee, please let me or another board member know of your interest right away.
73, Steve - W1SR

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