OVARC Weekly C4FM Net

OVARC Sunday C4FM Net

Every Sunday Evening at 19:30 Hrs (7:30 PM)


Join OVARC Members every Sunday night at 19:30 MST (7:30 PM) on the linked Repeater system for the Sunday Night C4FM Net. This Net works with all Yaesu C4FM capable radios.
Check-Ins are taken in the order in which they are received and include stations with "Traffic", as well as regular Check-Ins. Everyone is welcome on the Net regardless of club affiliation. The club has its own C4FM "Room", YSF74158 (US-Oro-Valley-AZ). Those wishing to participate using a HotSpot are also welcome, and should set their Pi-Star software settings to connect to that Room.


NOTE: C4FM "Rooms" are listed in "alphanumeric order", so it may be necessary to scroll down in the listing to find the Rooms starting with the letter "U" for "US".

ANNOUNCEMENT: C4FM Repeater System

As of 8/1/2020 the repeaters were connected to the US-Oro-Valley-AZ reflector, YSF74158.

Live Repeater Dashboard Link
Click on the link above to watch live activity on the "Metro" (formerly Keystone) Repeater's Pi-Star Dashboard.

For more a detailed list of the C4FM Repeaters, click on the link below:

Repeaters List Link (Spreadsheet by W7TRA)
 List of Repeaters for the C4FM Net: 
 1) Metro/Keystone: 146.620 -600 KHz offset 
 2) Marana: 447.525
-5 MHz offset 
 3) Calle: 445.800
-5 MHz offset 
 4) Camino: 440.7625
+5 MHz offset 
 5) Tucson Mtn: 444.750
+5 MHz offset 
 6) SaddleBrooke: 445.5375
-5 MHz offset 
 7) Foothills: 445.1375 -5 MHz Offset
 8) Golder: 147.320 +600 KHz Offset  
If Personal Hotspots are used, set the “Room” to:
US-Oro-Valley-AZ (YSF74158)
What is C4FM (System Fusion)?


For more information about System Fusion, please click on the link below:


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