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OVARC Sunday C4FM Net

Every Sunday Evening at 19:30 Hrs (7:30 PM)


Join OVARC Members every Sunday night at 19:30 MST (7:30 PM) on the OVARC linked Repeater system for the Sunday Night C4FM Net. This Net works with all Yaesu C4FM capable radios.
Check-Ins are taken in the order in which they are received and include stations with "Traffic", as well as regular Check-Ins. Everyone is welcome on the Net regardless of club affiliation. The club currently operates 8 LINKED C4FM Repeaters, and has its own C4FM "Room", YSF74158 (US-Oro-Valley-AZ). Those wishing to participate using a HotSpot are also welcome, and should set their Pi-Star software settings to connect to that Room.


NOTE: C4FM "Rooms" are listed in "alphanumeric order", so it may be necessary to scroll down in the listing to find the Rooms starting with the letter "U" for "US".



ANNOUNCEMENT: C4FM Repeater System

As of 8/1/2020 all the OVARC repeaters will be connected to the US-Oro-Valley-AZ reflector, YSF74158, for the month of August. This will enable a test of the bridging system to try to discover where the audio feedback originates that we have heard several times on our linked system. Another announcement will be made if we are able to split Calle and Marana from the Oro Valley reflector and occasionally switch to a net.

Live OVARC Repeater Dashboard Link
Click on the link above to watch live activity on the "Metro" (formerly Keystone) Repeater's Pi-Star Dashboard.

For more a detailed list of the OVARC C4FM Repeaters, click on the link below:

OVARC Repeaters List Link
 List of Repeaters for the Fusion Net: 
 1) Metro: 146.620 -600 KHz offset 
 2) Marana: 447.525
-5 MHz offset 
 3) Calle: 445.800
-5 MHz offset 
 4) Camino: 440.7625
+5 MHz offset 
 5) Tucson Mtn: 444.750
+5 MHz offset 
 6) Saddlebrooke: 445.5375
-5 MHz offset 
 7) Foothills: 445.1375 -5 MHz Offset
 8) NEW! Golder: 147.320 +600 KHz Offset  
If Personal Hotspots are used, set the “Room” to:
US-Oro-Valley-AZ (YSF74158)

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What is C4FM (System Fusion)?


For more information about System Fusion, please click on the link below:


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