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September 18th, 7PM - OVARC Membership Meeting


via Zoom. For details, click HERE.


Repeater Committee Announcements:
8/12/2020: Group Monitor Issue


The Repeater Committee has identified an issue on Yaesu C4FM radios which has the potential of causing a station operator’s radio to transmit a beacon on a repeater frequency every 20 seconds, for a duration of 0.4 seconds each. These transmissions are disruptive and can contribute to repeater timeouts, as well as cause interference for users trying to get into a repeater network.


The Group Monitor feature (GM button) found on Yaesu C4FM radios should ONLY be used on a simplex frequency. It should NEVER be used on a repeater frequency.


What is Group Monitor?


Think of Group Monitor as a glorified APRS system. You and a group of hams could set a private code on each of your radios, and then program the same simplex frequency into your radios. Each of you would press the GM button. Automatically, each of your radios would beacon every 20 seconds for 0.4 seconds. Once you are within simplex range of one of the other radios, your radio would notify you. There’s a lot more to this, so if you want to learn more, please read the manual that came with your radio.


The important thing to remember is to NEVER activate Group Monitor (GM) if you are monitoring a repeater frequency!


Thank you for your attention.


The OVARC Repeater Committee.


8/2/2020: C4FM Repeater System "Room" change

As of 8/1/2020 all the OVARC repeaters will be connected to the US-Oro-Valley-AZ reflector, YSF74158, for the month of August. This will enable a test of the bridging system to try to discover where the audio feedback originates that we have heard several times on our linked system. Another announcement will be made if we are able to split Calle and Marana from the Oro Valley reflector and occasionally switch to a net.


7/1/2020: C4FM Repeater System Upgrade


The OVARC repeater system was upgraded to the robust Digital C4FM System on July 1st of this year. C4FM has many advantages including simplicity of setting up and operation. There are also many links, called Rooms, that can be linked on schedule for many different nets. These rooms can also be segmented on our repeaters for special events and emergencies. C4FM is now fully functional on Keystone (re-named "Metro"), Tucson Mountain, Calle, Marana, Camino, Downtown and Saddlebrooke. Part-time C4FM operation is available on the "Foothills" Repeater, also known as "PJV". PJV is usually switched from D-Star to C4FM operation for the OVARC Sunday C4FM Net.


The Keystone Repeater was re-named to "Metro".
To view real-time activity on the Metro repeater, click HERE.


Club Sponsors

Oro Valley Amateur Radio Club would like to thank these organizations and individuals for their generous donations:

Oro Valley Fraternal Order of Police #53

OVARC Newsletter "For Sale" Section Guidelines


The OVARC newsletter will begin publishing a "For Sale" column each month.  

The guidelines for submitting items for sale are:

[1] An entry will only run for one issue unless renewed.
[2] Sellers name, call and a contact number and/or email address must be included,
[3] A selling price (can be negotiable, such as $100 OBO) must be included,
[4] The item description must state if the item is 100% operational or what is not working.
[5] If this is a limited time offer, that time must be stated.


Although not required, pictures are desired.


To submit items for the column send your information to:  newsletter@tucsonhamradio.org.

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