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Upcoming OVARC Events

You are Here: Upcoming Events
Below is a list of Upcoming OVARC Events:


February 21st - OVARC Membership Meeting


Titan Missile Museum (Green Valley)

Saturday, February 22, 2020 

8:30 AM MST

More Info, click HERE


March 14th at Picacho Peak SP, Ironwood Ramada. Always a favorite, and we hope to catch the wildflower bloom this spring.

March 20th - OVARC Membership Meeting

April 4th: Wings of Freedom Tour may or may not take place after the tragic crash of the B17 a few months ago. If the tour happens, it will be at the Marana Regional Airport.


April 17th - OVARC Membership Meeting


April 18th: 50th anniversary of the successful recovery of the Apollo 13 crew. Venue will be in a park in the vicinity of D-M AFB.


May 2nd-3rd: Seventh call area QSO Party at W8TK. Great training for Field Day. All are welcome to participate on CW, SSB, and digital modes. We won a certificate last year!

May 15th - OVARC Membership Meeting

June 19th - OVARC Membership Meeting


June 27th-28th: ARRL Field Day at W8TK. We will run 3 stations plus a 4th as GOTA station. All will be on temporary power with temporary antennas.  We made >1,100 contacts last year.

July 17th - OVARC Membership Meeting

August 21st - OVARC Membership Meeting

September 18th - OVARC Membership Meeting

NOTE: July, August, September are HOT around here! If you have any ideas for either mountain topping or indoors venues with air-conditioning, let me know. Pima Air & Space Museum was great last year but I don't want to wear out our welcome.  


October 11th: Columbus Day celebration from Christopher Columbus Park on Siilverbell. Nice park, close to home. Fishing lake next to our ramada yielded fish last year.


October 17th - OVARC Membership Meeting

November 7th: Oracle State Park. An ideal location with trees, large picnic ramadas, BBQ grill, rest rooms, running water, parking lot.


November 20th - OVARC Membership Meeting


December 5th: Pearl Harbor Day remembrance from K7UAZ.

ALSO: OVARC Christmas Party (Date TBD)

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