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OVARC Foxhunts

OVARC Foxhunt, aka Transmitter Hunting
Foxhunting, aka transmitter hunting, involves the search for a hidden transmitter using direction finding equipment. OVARC Foxhunts will generally be conducted on 2M. Chasers will use yagi, loop, and other antennas to try to locate the Fox. The general rules are outlined below. Walt, AL7KE, is our Foxhunt organizer.
  1. Fox will transmit for at least 1 minute out of every 3 (automated fox may vary)
  2. Winners may be acknowledged at an OVARC club meeting, and prizes are sometimes awarded
  3. Fox must remain stationary for entire event
  4. Fox must be in a public area and visible from outside (not in a building)
  5. Fox must be in an area without access controls (fee or gate)
  6. Fox may not vary the power
  7. Fox may not be more than 300 feet from a public road or parking lot
  8. Whoever finds the Fox first is/are the winner(s)
  9. Fox hunts will be conducted on the 2 meter Band
  10. The Fox may or may not transmit on a repeater to allow hunters to verify the Fox is out there.
  11. The Foxhunt organizer is authorized to limit the geographical area of the Fox, e.g. Oro Valley city limits, etc.
OVARC Spring Outing/Fox Hunt, February 25, 2023
Click HERE to see details.
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