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January 20, 2023
Meeting Topic:
Radio Amateur's guide to Space Weather
What is space weather? Why do I care? What are Ap, Kp, F10.7, and X1? A
nswers to these and other questions were addressed by amateur radio operator and space scientist, Rob Steenburgh (ADØIU).
Rob has been a licensed radio amateur since 1980 (KA8JBY until 2014). He is currently the acting lead of the Space Weather Prediction Center's (SWPCs) Forecast Office and has been associated with the organization since 2007. In addition to SWPC, Rob has worked for the United States Air Force (23 years) and NASA. He was the Radiation Mission Manager for one of the last flights of the space shuttle, STS-130. He enjoys QRP operating, home-brewing, and repairing radios.


How to: Horizontal Loop Antennas by
John Payton (N7GHZ)
OVARC Member John Payton (N7GHZ) has created a PDF presentation on Horizontal Loop Antenna Design, as well as additional info and videos.
To download John's PDF, click HERE.
To access the other material including videos, click HERE.


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