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About Zoom and online OVARC Meetings

Due to COVID-19, Oro Valley Amateur Radio Club (OVARC) implemented an "online" method for holding Monthly Membership Meetings, beginning with the April 2020 meeting, utilizing "Zoom". These online meetings will continue until the "all-clear" is given by local authorities for us to resume our Monthly Membership Meetings at our usual location, Ascension Lutheran Church.

In order to use Zoom, you will first need to sign up (it's free). The only legitimate Zoom download site is at You only need the free version. When joining the meeting, please enter your name as "Callsign-Name." This will make identifying people consistent. For example, our April 2020 Zoom meeting organizer, Carl Foster was: KB7AZ-Carl. Prior to each monthly Zoom meeting, you will receive an e-mail with the "Meeting ID" and "Password" for that particular meeting.

Even though you join the meeting "with video," you still need to turn your video on if you want others to see you. If you have a bad hair day, then just leave your video off. When you join the meeting your microphone will be muted. This is the default for audio as well as video. You will need to un-mute your microphone to be heard. During the presentation, you can temporarily un-mute your microphone by pressing and holding the space bar on your computer if you are using a laptop or desktop computer. 


We are aware that there have been articles about security, and some people are not willing to run the Zoom software. We know about it and believe that the risk is minimal when using passwords and the “waiting room” function. If you don’t want to run the Zoom software on your computer, then don’t run it. NOTE: Don’t send us emails explaining your decision. We respect whatever decision you make. That said, please be polite and respectful of others' decisions on this matter as well.


Thank you, Carl - KB7AZ 

We look forward to seeing you at 7PM!

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