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New This Month at OVARC

What's New/Happening This Month...

Monthly Membership Meeting


6 PM Pre-Meeting Friday February 21, 2020

(Prior to the Regular 7 PM Meeting)

Have you been on FM since man created handheld radios? Are you wondering, "how do I get on Fusion?" Buying a radio is the easy part; how do I get on Fusion once I have it in my hand? What’s the attraction for getting a HotSpot? Do I need one? Can I get on Fusion without one? How do the OVARC repeaters fit into all of this? What about APRS? Should I throw away my FM handheld radio?

If you have questions that are close to these, then you should come early to the Friday OVARC meeting on February 21. There, Mike, K7VTT will answer your “Fusion Questions”. Bring your radio and bring your questions. You’ll be amazed how simple it is. 


Notable Antenna Designer to Present at the February Meeting

Our February 21st meeting features Tom Schiller, N6BT, talking about antennas. Tom is the founder and owner of Next Generation Antennas. He designed the Force-12 antennas and authored a great antenna book titled “Array of Light.” He still holds a few world records, including the 160-meter CQWW QRP CW in 2007, and the 80-meter CQWW QRP CW in 2003. Those records still stand today. Today he lives in Kingman Arizona on several acres of land as he continues developing new antenna designs.

You are Here: New This Month

Tom will cover antennas for smaller spaces, taking into consideration the bands desired, operating interests, budget, restrictions, etc. He will also include his research on verticals and other antennas that he has done over the past several years. Subjects include take-off angles, efficiency, balanced current, baluns, "radials vs. counterpoise" (including his present Vertical Open Ring system) and his article in the May/June 2019 National Contest Journal (NCJ).

Afterward, Tom will be glad to take all questions. Having shipped over 26,000 antennas and a product line of close to 200 models, he has probably tried and built most everything, including aluminum towers, masts, and tower trailers. For DX enthusiasts, he can provide insight from The Team Vertical contest team, and many other DXpeditions.

Titan Missile Museum (Green Valley)


Saturday, February 22, 2020 

8:30 AM MST

More info:


Click HERE for a Map

The missile silo is one of 54 built in the 1950's and is the last one in original condition. Tours are available and highly recommended, but have become so popular that reservations are required. 

The site also has a huge HF discone antenna which is maintained by the Green Valley ARC and is available to licensed hams. https://titanmissilemuseum.org/museum/ham-radio-operators/

There is a separate parking area for those using the antenna, and you can drive right up, connect your radio to the feedline PL259, and enjoy. On previous outings we have worked stations all over the world. Learn about discones https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discone_antenna


We will arrive around 08:30 and be on the air soon thereafter. Drive is about 45 minutes from Oro Valley and is just off I-19. Last year we had to cancel at the last minute because of hazardous icy road conditions, which actually resulted in a couple fatal accidents on I-19, so check your email before heading out if the weather threatens. As usual, bring your lunch and a chair. And don't forget the museum tour!

73 de W8TK

Tom Kravec

(520) 572-0554

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