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Friday Nov. 20th: Membership Zoom Meeting
07:00 PM Arizona time

Zoom meeting link/login:

Meeting ID: 992 2974 9842
Passcode: 459805



For optimum antenna operation, you want the transmitter to deliver full power to the antenna via a feed line with little attenuation. That means you have to "match" the system's impedance to the rig's impedance and avoid high SWR. That can be a challenge for any HF antenna, especially one on 80 meters.


The Nano VNA devices allow you to measure the reflection coefficient, return loss, phase, resistance/reactance and impedance which can tell you how to modify your antenna to perform better.


Most hams are accustomed to just measuring SWR and hoping to keep it under 2:1.


Barry will show you how the Nano VNA devices works and show sample graphs of a variety of antennas that he has at his QTH.


A quick tour of the Smith Chart may be necessary for an understanding of a "conjugate match" and calibration to a 50-ohm standard.


Barry Feierman was first licensed as a 13 year-old Novice (KN3EUI) in 1958, only knowing how to memorize answers to multiple choice FCC questions and to copy schematic drawings from memory. Like many others, he understood almost nothing about how radios and antennas worked.


Over a 60-year career in teaching physics, he gradually learned what most of these words meant.


From 1969-1970 Barry worked at The University of Arizona Astronomy Department doing graduate work. He also spent quite a few nights on Kitt Peak.


He later worked at The Lowell Observatory and the U.S. Naval Observatory in Flagstaff.


The Nano VNA vocabulary is challenging. He will attempt to teach the material using just the basic language.


Other 2020 OVARC Membership Meetings...
Due to concern for the health of our members/guests, and in compliance with CDC, State, and Local Government directives, REGULAR OVARC Membership meetings will not resume until an "all clear" is announced by these agencies. Until then, we hope to schedule more "Zoom" meetings. Check back here often for updates! Thank you for your cooperation.


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