OVARC 2021 Candidate Statements

Statements Provided by the Three Candidates for the Board of Directors Election, 2021:


Candidate Statement of Andreas Proroczok, W1IXQ
My name is Andreas Proroczok. I have been a member of OVARC for about 5 years now. I have always enjoyed the public safety aspect of amateur radio and have just started on the HF side of things with my first purchase of a HF rig within the last month.
I have always considered myself a very good listener along with one who likes to examine all the facts before making a decision. I enjoy the ‘social aspects’ of the club and can not wait for us to go back to in person meetings as well all the numerous events the club has done in the past.
As for being elected to be on the board of OVARC I will always try to keep the best interest of the general membership first. I will also make sure that any and all major changes be brought to membership as a whole, before a decision is made.
Thank you for your time.
-- Andreas Proroczok - W1IXQ
Candidate Statement of John Payton, N7GHZ
I wish to be a director for OVARC to serve the group & contribute to the group - as I believe this art, this hobby, this radio science serves all citizens for the good. Overall, we have many talented & very experienced folks that are a joy to meet with and learn from. 
Further, I was asked by several of our club’s senior/experienced members to run, to as they put it, “to bring some new ideas, along with your enthusiasm”, it is good to mix things up every now and then; otherwise it becomes stale…
Qualifications: First of all, I am a member of, and fully support the ARRL, which I believe is the only organization that actively stands in the way of the loss of our rights to operate Amateur Radio! The present attacks on… and loss of a couple of high-frequency – GigaHertz bands; and the “Fees” the FCC is proposing should demonstrate why we need solid club organization & active support from it memberships! 
As an Electronics Technician spanning 5 decades, I have loved electronics and radio since my Jr. High days. I built my first Shortwave radio kit nearly 50 years ago (…and it worked on 1st power up), I became a Novice ham in 1981, then reentered in 2018… I am humbled and amazed at the progression of Amateur Radio technology that has occurred in the nearly 40 years since. During my time as an Electronics Engineering Technician, I have led teams in development of new devices, repair & failure analysis.
I have an interest in most modes, though at heart, I still proudly wear the DX’ers badge!  
I have a broad background of other interests and a pretty deep knowledge base. And I am not afraid to admit when I don’t know… but… I generally know where to go (or who to seek out) and find that specific knowledge for a given task.
Many moon’s ago, I was also a board member of my HOA… yes, the dreaded Home Owner’s Association. As a member, I helped improve that out-of-control situation into a far more desirable one.
As a board member of OVARC, my dedicated first task – ALWAYS – will be to listen to our members, and to give a voice to our membership! Along with that, I will pledge here & now, that any increase in dues or major policy changes, will be brought before & discussed by all the membership at a general or special meeting first; before any vote by the board – in other words, no more surprises!
Concerning the very aggressive plan of a few months ago, that was a huge surprise to everyone; as nobody in the general membership was consulted or informed of the $70,000 plan or price tag. There were some good goals there, and I support those, like backup power for the repeater systems, having spares for quick replacement, etc. However, the price tag of acquiring 9 or so more repeater sites seemed excessive; moreover, we have a special Repeater SIG fund for those, and that seems a more appropriate funding method that folks can volunteer funds to. Of course, if we do some work, we can expand the membership in order to bring in more funds for those projects in a reasonable fashion. However, a dues increase proposal of 250% in one year, and far in excess of the dues for annual ARRL membership ($49), was and is beyond all reason, which is why I and many others opposed such an increase. Fortunately, that idea was scraped. 
Further, after the pandemic is busted, I believe we should try to develop programs & approach our local school districts to provide an introduction to the art & science of Amateur Radio to our youngsters in Jr. High & High Schools of the area. While we have done this with a local STEM school, I think we should definitely get the public schools involved; after all, we have the talent to teach these skills.
In final, I believe that I can help bring our group closer together, help provide solid service to the membership and help lead an expansion of the membership. I love to see our group train folks, and give a hand up to everyone, whether they are new to the hobby, or taking the next step up to experience new benefits and greater knowledge…
I Thank you for your friendship & support – 73
-- John Payton – N7GHZ
Candidate Statement of Steve Wood, W1SR
My ambition for OVARC over the next two years is to continue the path of growth and expansion that we've experienced over the last five years.
Our goal, “to promote radio knowledge”, takes motivation, planning, purpose and individuals to collectively contribute to the club's expansion. Implementation of new technologies and innovations “to advance the general interest and welfare of the local amateur radio community”, won’t happen on its own. We need to continue to explore this fascinating hobby of ours and push the envelope.
OVARC members need to know that their membership provides them with benefits. I intend to make those benefits more distinct and valuable. There is no question that our future will require more resources; both financial and human resources combined. Careful planning and implementation will allow all of our members to be part of an amateur radio club recognized across the United States for it's capabilities and innovations.
If your choice is to contribute and be actively involved in an organization that is pushing the edge, then OVARC is for you.
-- 73, Steve – W1SR.   
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